Fluffy Singler is a teacher, scholar, writer, and performer who has just moved from Minneapolis to Davenport, Iowa.  She is now teaching
English, Speech and Theatre at Scott Community College.

She earned her MA in 2004 from NYU in Performance Studies and has several years toward her PhD in theatre from the 
University of Minnesota.  There her focus has been on spoken word poetry and literary avant gardes.  She has also done signficant 
study in the areas of melodrama, performance art, and storytelling as well as in teaching methods, teaching of writing 
and multicultural education.

Fluffy has also completed 21 hours towards her MA in English as well.  

She has taught  community education classes in theatre, creative writing, and cultural studies through Minneapolis Community and Technical College as well as offering private and group workshops.

If you want to have Fluffy come to your town to offer writing and/or performance classes, email me and we will see what we can work out.

You can see her entire profile on LinkedIn or on Facebook:

Fluffy is very excited to announce that she has a chapbook out on Kind of a Hurricane Press.  
You can download and read the book here.

You can read her blog, which features creative writing by Fluffy as well as commentary on political and cultural issues of the day.  
She also sometimes publishes academic work here as well.  In March - May 2013 I have published excerpts from "my accursed novel,"
 the one I have been working on for 25 years and will probably not ever finish.

From 1998, - 2008 she published the journal Karawane: Or, the Temporary Death of the Bruitist, a journal of experimental performance texts that grew out of the open mic scene in Minneapolis in the mid- to late-1990s.  It has since expanded and has featured experimental performers from Canada, Brazil, New Zealand, and Australia to name a few.  The name Karawane was taken from a sound poem by the Dadaist Hugo Ball to signal that the journal was more like Cabaret Voltaire 
than a poetry slam.

Click on the image below, by artist Tom Cassidy, to listen to one of Fluffy's poems, performed with Danielle Billington under the name The Bruitists.  It's the closest thing I have to a hit pop song!

Bruitism was an Italian Futurist term for the art of noise designed to elicit a reaction.  We're not very good Bruitists, but we like to think we are very good poets and musicians.  You be the judge.  Click on the link below (artwork by Tom Cassidy).
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Fluffy's Surrealist Poetry
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Fluffy Singler (aka Laura Winton)

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Watch a short video of Fluffy doing a portion of Sylvia Plath's short play/performance poem Three Women, performed at Patrick's Cabaret in Minneapolis in March 2013, featuring Brenda Bell Brown and Roxy Bergeron.
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