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Who the hell is Fluffy Singler and why am I here?

Fluffy is a very complex woman with a very complex life.  She is currently in process of or has just recently completed her second Master's Degree, depending on whether you are reading this before or after May, 2017.  Fluffy has many many websites to update and she is not very sanguine about getting to this one again within the next 6 months.  Her first MA is in Performance Studies from NYU and her second MA is/will be in English from Western Illinois University.  She has also completed all the courses toward a PhD in theatre.  Fluffy is what you call a "lifelong learner."

Fluffy SIngler is all the things it says above.  She has been a writer her whole adult life.  If you know her, you know pretty much how long that is. If you don't, trust us.  It is a long time.  She writes poetry, some short fiction and performance pieces, has many chapters of something called her Accursed Novel, which you can read on her blog, some things that might be called Creative Nonfiction if we were really sure what that entailed.  She has done journalism, technical writing, manuals, and of course, academic writing.  You can see some examples of her academic writing on her blog as well, or on  She also does book reviews for Rain Taxi.  

Fluffy has been known to teach English, theatre, or speech at various community colleges in the midwest, both in the form of for-credit classes and non-credit classes.  

She also offers classes to community groups and businesses.  Click here for a little more information.  

Finally, Fluffy has published a magazine called Karawane: or, the Temporary Death of the Bruistist.  You should click on the link now and listen to Marie Osmond recite Hugo Ball's sound poem, Karawane.  It is quite amusing.  And you will also learn all about the magazine.

Now that you know a little bit about Fluffy, tool around.  Look at her writings.  Click on her Facebook, her LinkedIn Profile, her blog, look at some the merchandise she has, etc.  

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Title: Racing Day
Title: Running Man
Fluffy's current fundraiser:  to get her teeth fixed
In spite of Fluffy's many accomplishments, of which she is very proud, she is also still a starving artist and at any given time has a GoFundMe campaign active.  This time it is to get her teeth fixed.  If you have a little money lying around, please check out her current campaign!
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