Fluffy in Washington Square Park
Nothing says Happy Birthday, Love Ya, etc. like a chalk outline!  The antidote to sentimentality.
To start with, we have Groovy Fluffy Stuff:

I can tell you that I have sampled the merchandise myself and it is all very high-quality and lovely and delivery is fast and efficient.    And I get a couple of bucks for each item sold.

Pictured here is a small sampling of the products available.  Click on any picture and it will take you to my shop at Cafe Press.com, a print-on-demand merchandising service.  Scroll over the picture for a description.

(Note:  The yellow bag makes an excellent laptop bag!!)
"I'm all tapped out" and she said goodbye.
Neat, huh?
Watergate, Dear.  Watergate Dear.
"They always told me I had a secret desire to be a receptionist."  NOT!  A blank book journal to remember why you're an artist and not a corporate drone.
Surrealistic pillow.
This is the commercial portion of the website wherein you ask yourself, "How can I help Fluffy continue to make her art, go to school, do her research, pay her student loans?"

I'm SO glad you asked!
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Of course, donations via Paypal to fluffysingler@earthlink.net are always great.

As are e-certs for airline travel, should you happen to be someone who earns more e-certs than you can spend!
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